Evaluating Boards and Administrators
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Accrediting agencies and legislatures have become increasingly insistent that governing boards and upper administrators undergo regular evaluation at colleges and universities. Institutions of higher education have a long history of evaluating faculty members and are familiar with best practices for doing so. Offices of human resources include employees with experience in how staff members should be evaluated because these processes are well developed in the corporate world. But how does a college or university effectively evaluate its governing board, and who performs that process? How are administrators, particularly the chief executive officer and vice presidents, evaluated fairly and effectively? Since a majority of institutions are now required to perform these evaluations, they’re seeking advice and examples of best practices, but there aren’t resources available to provide these insights. This book will address that critical need. The target audience is college faculty and administrators, particularly those who need to develop or improve a system for evaluating governing boards or administrators because of accreditation requirements or legislative mandate.

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Evaluating Boards and Administrators

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