A Toolkit for College Professors
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A Toolkit for College Professors is designed to give new and established faculty members the skills they need in order to do their jobs more effectively. Combining case studies, scenarios, practical advice, and problem-solving activities, this book offers college professors a valuable resource for excelling in the classroom, lab, studio, library, and beyond. From teaching effectively to promoting student success, facilitating collegiality with their peers, conducting research, applying for tenure and promotion, and many other areas relevant to academic life today, A Toolkit for College Professors helps faculty members achieve their goals and avoid common pitfalls along the way.

Perfect for First Year Faculty experience programs, graduate students who are thinking about an academic career, or any college professor who just wants to thrive in teaching, research, and service, A Toolkit for College Professors is an indispensable guide to the practical aspects of higher education.
Here are the chapters:
  1. Teaching Effectively in the Classroom and Beyond
  2. Promoting Student Success and Engagement
  3. Facilitating Collegiality with Other Faculty Members
  4. Establishing Positive Interactions with Administrators
  5. Conducting Research Successfully
  6. Engaging in Meaningful Service
  7. Applying for Promotion and Tenure
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A Toolkit for College Professors

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